Sardis Township

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Sardis Township

Large town
Source: The Inner Sea World Guide, pg(s). 182

Sardis Township is a large town on the upper reaches of the River Porthmos in eastern Taldor's Porthmos Gap.1

The prefectural capital of the Porthmos Prefecture, Sardis extends for well over a mile in every direction as it was formed as a dozen small mining communities that grew together around rich veins of lead and other minerals. The settlement sits on the chaotic, polluted landscape that stretches just a few miles inland from the South River. Technically, the piers, refineries, and warehouses are also part of the township's domain. Despite being depressing and miserable, Sardis generates a great deal of wealth, trading high-quality metals for foodstuffs to supplement their own meagre crops.2

Although not known as a trade hub, Sardis does profit from trade caravans and travelling merchants. Centaur tribes from the Whistling Plains sometimes make the trek this far into Taldor for trade and some even choose to remain. Many are enlisted as enforcers by the local Grand Duke.2

Sardis Township is home to both the infamous Porthmos Prison and the governor of the Porthmos Prefecture, Grand Duke Thestro Briarsmith. The former is populated with the enemies of the latter.3