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Nation Taldor
Region Barony of Adrast, Northern Tandak Prefecture
Size Village
Government Feudal
Ruler Baron Stelan of Adrast
Leader Headsman Odric, Captain Drelm

Source: Plague of Shadows, pg(s). see Plague of Shadows/Index

The Barony of Adrast is a small barony and settlement in the north-west of Taldor, located north of the Verduran Forest and south of the westernmost mountains of the Fog Peaks in the Northern Tandak Prefecture.[1] The Baron of Adrast is Baron Stelan who is married to Baroness Lenelle. The headsman of Adrast settlement, a small village, is Odric; while the captain of the guard is the half-orc Captain Drelm. Following the professed faith of the baron, the religion predominantly followed is that of Abadar; the barony has a cleric and temple to that god.[2]