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Source: Dwarves of Golarion, pg(s). 8, 19

The dwarven hold of Kravenkus stands in the World's Edge Mountains, in Taldor. It is one of the original Sky Citadels, and still maintains a connection to the Darklands.1

Like the other Sky Citadels, Kravenkus was built by the dwarves soon after their Quest for Sky as a fortress from which to continue their epic war against the orcs. Kravenkus is one of the four remaining in dwarven hands.2

Kravenkus is something of a ghost town, consisting of around 2,500 dwarves protected by a small garrison of only 400. The inhabitants typically reside in the central "keep" area. Most of the outskirts of the citadel have been abandoned due to regular attacks from Darklands creatures, including hryngars,3 mongrelfolk, and worse. While a few stubborn souls eke out a living in the empty halls and corridors, most of the remaining population live in the citadel's nearly abandoned central keep. The mines that once provided the wealth of the Kravenkus have long since been played out, resulting in the departure of most of the populace to the Five Kings Mountains.4

Despite these hardships, the people of Kravenkus are proud of their home and refuse to seal the Darklands tunnels, viewing them as a connection to their life prior to the Quest for Sky. The dwarves welcome adventurers who offer assistance against the underground menaces.5


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