Kublan Grove

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The Kublan Grove is no clump of woodland but a tangled mass of rafters, scaffolds, and masonry that serves as a testament to the flighty whims of the Taldan aristocracy. Located in Taldor's Lingian Prefecture, the Kublan Grove began life as a construction project that started soon after the prefecture's rise in popularity. Approximately twenty years ago, three Opparan baronets, all cousins from House Kublan, borrowed against their family's ancestral lands, buying up several miles of farmland to construct a grand retreat for the nobility. In their lust to provide every possible luxury, the project's scope increased massively, bloating from an original plan for a simple manor house to, eventually, being an entire community devoted to vice and hedonism, but it was not to be.1

Funding dried up and construction halted. Now the half-finished buildings lie abandoned amidst a forest of scaffolding, empty save for a few wild animals and a community of squatters. House Kublan occasionally hires bands of thugs to sweep through the grove and chase off the squatters, desperately hoping to attract new investors as the Lingian Prefecture's popularity grows.1


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