Braughleigh's Hollow

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Braughleigh's Hollow is something of an open, yet monstrous, secret amongst the people of the Avin Prefecture for it is an ogre settlement. Nestled in the foothills of the Fog Peaks, far from any road or other settlements, this secret group of ogres is the remnants of a much larger population that once ravaged the Avin Prefecture. Now, however, they restrict their raiding to the foothills of the Fog Peaks. Braughleigh's Hollow serves as a meeting place for the other monstrous tribes of the Fog Peaks, many of whom engage in human slavery.1

Rumour suggests nobles from Yanmass and even as far afield as the Northern Tandak Prefecture secretly visit Braughleigh's Hollow to acquire human chattel or quietly dispose of unwanted enemies or criminals. This foul trade is something of an open secret, but as long as the ogres stick to the mountains the Taldan authorities have proven willing to look the other way.1


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