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Source: Taldor, the First Empire, pg(s). 25

Pastorling is a small Taldan hamlet that stands in both the literal and figurative shadow of the nearby fortress of Canalsguard. Pastorling sits at the intersection of three of the Lingian Prefecture's canals (alongside Canalsguard) and the reek of their stagnant waters has kept the hamlet free from any real aristocratic interference. The Lingian Canals are notoriously dangerous and at least some of this is due to one of Pastorling's residents: Lesah Voriovixis. To the town, she is but a humble baker but, in reality, she is the heart of a network of organised crime known as the Canal Syndicate. Cunningly, she hides her communications using a hidden cypher based on the braids and fillings of the pies she sends out to certain underlings.1


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