Verduran Fork

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The Verduran Fork is a river running through the nation of Taldor. It runs in a south-westernly direction through the Verduran Forest and joins the mighty Sellen River at the Isle of Arenway. The river is supplied by two tributaries: one runs south from the Fog Peaks, while the other, called the Falling River, runs west from the World's Edge Mountains. The two tributaries come together just east of the Verduran Forest.12

Within the Verduran Forest, river pirates are a menace.3 The Verduran Fork, as well as the Sellen River, are heavily patrolled by the River Guard, using small, sleek clipper ships. The River Guard is the ultimate authority on the waterways and maintains a harbor on the Isle of Arenway. They frequently board ships to search for illicit activities and are rumored to take their cut of the goods. The River Guard could not stop the pirates who are experts on striking and hiding into the forest before the River Guard can even muster a response. Ships traveling down from Yanmass typically hire mercenaries to guard against the pirates of the Verduran Fork.4