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The estate of Treaclerun is home to the ruler of Kazuhn Prefecture, the Grand Duchess Mellea Denzarni, and is named for the decadent parties her ancestors used to throw there: parties where fountains of honey flowed like water. While appearing as little more than a hedonistic hunting lodge to escape from the strife of Taldan politics, in reality, Treaclerun has a bloody history. Serving as the breadbasket of Taldor's capital, Oppara, rulership of Kazuhn has generally fallen to only the most ruthless of Taldor's power players. The estate serves as a discrete location for shady deeds and sinister schemes. Almost every noble estate in Taldor boasts a handful of ghost stories associated with it, Treaclerun is a rare exception: no lingering spectres haunt its ground. Rumour has it this is due to some strange but deliberate quirk of the estate's design.1


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