Sureshire Ranch

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The Sureshire Ranch is a horse ranch located in the Ligos Prefecture of Taldor with a storied history and national fame.1 According to Sureshire family, the first horse was bred here as a cross between a deer and a unicorn. Fanciful tales aside, the Sureshire Ranch has a millennia-long pedigree of horse breeding, and both the nation's aristocracy and Taldor's military favour its horses. Unlike the hulking brutes of the nearby Stavian Ranches, the horses of Sureshire are agile and quick, more akin to the horses favoured in the neighbouring kingdom of Qadira (who the Sureshire family claim stole these horse from them).1

The last of the Sureshire family died over six centuries ago. As of 4717 AR the ranch is run by a council of Taldan and halfling families who proudly sponsor the Emperor’s Mile, a grueling horse race across the Ligos Prefecture that the ranch has sponsored for 1,200 years.2 Its winner is not only showered in gold but gains access to Well of Kurgess, a spring whose water enhances any beast of burden that drinks from it.1


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