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Titles City of Commerce
Nation Taldor
Region Avin Prefecture
Size Small city
Population 6,995
Demographics 6,050 humans; 790 halflings; 85 half-elves; 70 other
Government Overlord (hereditary baron)
Alignment Lawful neutral
Ruler Baron Mauston Kustios

Source: The Twilight Child, pg(s). 63

Yanmass is a Taldan city that stands along one of the trade routes that flow across the deserts of the Casmaron linking it with the heartland of the Empire of Kelesh and, from there, with lands even further away. Unsurprisingly, Yanmass is a city based on trade and providing vital services to caravans after their long treks across the continent; Yanmass plays host to caravans from across the known world.[1]


Inside the walls on Yanmass, the population live in solid buildings, while a thriving community of traders often live outside the city proper. Depending on the time of year, the population of the city can triple, especially towards the end of summer.[citation needed]


The Taldan Horse are stationed at Yanmass, and regularly patrol the Whistling Plain from the settlement.[2]


Paizo published a major article about Yanmass in The Twilight Child 62f.

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