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Mistwatch is a semi-ruined stone castle that sits along the Verduran Fork north of the Isle of Arenway in the Verduran Province of Taldor. Mistwatch sits atop a granite cliff overlooking the river and is ancient, predating even the Wildwood Treaty. Mistwatch served as the ancestral home for Sebastian Tambour, but due to the restrictions of the Wildwood Treaty the family could not log on the site and it slowly fell into disrepair until it could only be used as a summer retreat.1 Mistwatch consists of one main watchtower and a single large keep.2 The castle also includes a substantial underground dungeon including a chamber that links to the adjacent Verduran Fork. The keep and tower include a substantial library,3 as well as a network of secret passages.4 The main hall of Mistwatch features ornately carved pillars modelled after chimeras and owlbears.5