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Nation Taldor
Size Hamlet
Population 46
Demographics Humans
Alignment Neutral
Ruler Baron Becher Railford

Source: Decline of Glory, pg(s). 7

Railford is a small settlement located on a small wooded hill a few miles inland from the larger settlement of Golsifar, on the Inner Sea coast of Taldor. The settlement is in the prefecture of Moda.[1]


Railford is named for the Railford family property around which the town is centered. The family line includes the late Iadon Railford, a renowned Pathfinder.[1]


The thorp consists of a few dwellings centered around the Railford Distillery, a former winery converted to a whiskey distillery after years of flooding from a nearby river. The distillery emits a pungent smoke known locally as "Railford perfume".

These buildings include Bloodknuckles' inn, a small establishment staffed almost entirely by prostitutes.[1]

The swamps around Railford are the native habitat for a rare swamp root named ygrat, which is also known as crone's tongue.[2]


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Railford's notable inhabitants include: