Kazuhn Prefecture

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Kazuhn Prefecture
Nation Taldor
Ruler Grand Duchess Mellea Denzarni

Source: Taldor, the First Empire, pg(s). 18–19

Kazuhn Prefecture is one of the 14 political divisions of the nation of Taldor, and serves as the breadbasket of the nearby capital city of Oppara. It stretches from the River Porthmos in the south to the south-westernmost foothills of the World's Edge Mountains in the north, and is squeezed between Opparos and Porthmos Prefectures.[1][2]


The ruler of Kazuhn Prefecture is the Grand Duchess Mellea Denzarni.[3]

Geographical features


Places of interest

  • Tomb of the First Emperor: The almost forgotten burial place of Taldaris is located here. Once a tourist attraction of great importance, the precise location of the tomb has been forgotten.
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Kazuhn has been economically battered by limited infrastructural maintenance due to centuries of exploitation. What remains is almost solely dedicated to keeping the few key canals and warehouses operational that are able to export the prefecture's flax, fruit, and grain, as this remains a vital export to Oppara. In Taldor's heyday, Kazuhn was a patchwork of small, family-run farms but nobles long ago consolidated these farms into massive estates with tenant farmers.[4]


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