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December 27 - Barbazu


Bearded devils, or barbazus, serve as Hell's elite shock troops leading hordes of the damned into combat for their infernal masters. Bearded devils are roughly humanoid in appearance although they would never be able to pass for human. Made for battle, bearded devils are heavily built and strong, they fight in a stooped over position bowed under the weight over their own muscles. read more

Recently featured: Test of the StarstoneMaelstromDave Gross

December 20 - Test of the Starstone

Iomedae ascends to godhood.

The Test of the Starstone is a test that anyone can take by attempting to reach the Starstone at the center of Absalom. The exact nature of the obstacles surrounding the Starstone changes over time, but constant hazards include magic not always working right and prevention of extra-dimensional movement. Those few who pass become demigods, while those who fail usually die, although a select few manage to escape, occasionally with great wealth, but no divinity. read more

Recently featured: MaelstromDave GrossShoanti

December 13 - Maelstrom


Collectively referred to as the Maelstrom, vast swathes of uncharted, unclaimed terrain borders and surrounds each of the planes on the Outer Sphere. Mysterious and dangerous wild lands untouched by the gods, these regions lack the cohesive stability present in all of the other planes; even the hellish depths of the Abyss possess a structure that the Maelstrom does not. read more

Recently featured: Dave GrossShoantiAzathoth

December 6 - Dave Gross

Dave gross

Born in Michigan but raised primarily in Virginia, Dave Gross has been a writer, editor, and teacher while migrating westward through Wisconsin and eventually to Washington, where he ran out of continent and had to turn north. Now he lives in Edmonton, Alberta. His Pathfinder fiction debuted in The Bastards of Erebus in August 2009 with the first chapter of his six-part Pathfinder's Journal novella, Hell's Pawns. He is the author of Prince of Wolves, the first Pathfinder novel, and "The Lost Pathfinder", which launched Pathfinder Tales web fiction. read more

Recently featured: ShoantiAzathothLegacy of Fire

November 29 - Shoanti


The Shoanti are a barbaric, often nomadic people native to the Storval Plateau and Velashu Uplands regions of Varisia. Like their Varisian cousins, these humans descended from the enslaved workers of the ancient empire of Thassilon, but have, since its fall, developed a unique and advanced culture of their own. read more

Recently featured: AzathothLegacy of FireCalikang

November 22 - Azathoth


Little is known of the being called Azathoth, also known as the Blind Formless Chaos That Lies Behind the Stars. It belongs to a group of immensely powerful, yet inscrutable beings called the Great Old Ones said to inhabit the Dark Tapestry, and was worshiped in ancient times by small groups in the Shory empire of Garund. read more

Recently featured: Legacy of FireCalikangBrimstone Haruspex

November 15 - Legacy of Fire

Howl of the Carrion King

Legacy of Fire was the fourth adventure path released in the Pathfinder Adventure Path series and debuted in March 2009. This series was the last to use the Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 rules set. Each of the six Legacy of Fire volumes included a chapter of New York Times bestselling author Elaine Cunningham's entry into the Pathfinder's Journal, Dark Tapestry. read more

Recently featured: CalikangBrimstone HaruspexPactmaster

November 8 - Calikang


A calikang is a large, blue, six-armed monstrous humanoid that can survive in suspended animation, typically tasked to guard treasure vaults, harems, and castles. According to legend, when the god Vineshvakhi, a deity of guardians and protector of celestial treasures and harems and one of the thousand deities of Vudra, failed to prevent an asura raid, he cut off the six fingers of his hand and threw them down to the earth. The calikangs crawled from the devastated craters where these fingers fell. read more

Recently featured: Brimstone HaruspexPactmasterSkyreach

November 1 - Brimstone Haruspex

Monk of the Haruspex

Though highly independent, even proud orc chieftains sometimes seek advice. When this happens, most warlords send their seconds-in-command to the Brimstone Haruspex, the temple complex high in the caldera of a smoking volcano within the Hold of Belkzen and which is guarded by huge owlbears. At the hold, a group of ancient and inbred orc monks offer guidance in exchange for massive tribute. In addition to maintaining the only supposedly complete record of orc history—a lengthy series of cave paintings stretching all the way back to the orcs’ initial emergence—the monks are also oracles, breathing in the vapors from the active fumaroles in order to spin weird and bloody prophecies. read more

Recently featured: PactmasterSkyreachChoker

October 25 - Pactmasters


The Pactmasters took over the city of Katapesh almost a thousand years ago in 3725 AR. Their sudden appearance is widely speculated upon. Some say the Pactmasters marched into the city by night, at the head of an army of soldiers, and crushed the leaders of the various bandit gangs occupying the city. Others say they arrived in airships that terrified the bandits such that they fled into the desert. Strangely, there is no record of this event. read more

Recently featured: SkyreachChokerSabriyya Kalmeralm

October 18 - Skyreach

The great spire of Skyreach

The five-towered fortress of Skyreach, visible from miles away over Absalom's skyline, is the heart of the [[Pathfinder Society]. Here the Decemvirate rules and make its rare pronouncements beneath the enchanted skylights of the Great Hall in the central tower, and both resident and visiting Pathfinders sequester themselves in cozy lounges to study, socialize, and plot future missions. read more

Recently featured: ChokerSabriyya KalmeralmProtean

October 11 - Choker

A clutch of chokers surround their prey in the Shingles

Chokers are small, fast predators, common in underground areas. In recent years, they have proven themselves to be quite adaptable by becoming an increasing nuisance in the Varisian city of Korvosa. They are of limited intelligence and have little society of their own. Despite this, they are advanced enough to identify themselves and others with names, and occasionally form rudimentary friendships or alliances with less savory humans. read more

Recently featured: Sabriyya KalmeralmProteanFirst Guard

October 4 - Sabriyya Kalmeralm

Sabriyya Kalmeralm

Known to the merchants of the Bazaar of Sails as the "Princess of the Markets," Sabriyya Kalmeralm unofficially polices Magnimar's busiest bazaar, doing what the official city watch finds impossible. Some critics accuse Sabriyya of being little more than the city's most prominent criminal, running nothing more than a gang-style protection racket, but those who trade within the Bazaar appreciate the protection she provides. read more

Recently featured: ProteanFirst GuardPazuzu

September 27 - Protean


A protean is a large, serpentine creature with arms and an armored snake-like torso. They are the children and harbingers of the primal chaos of the Maelstrom, which they worship. Subtypes include Imentesh, Keketar, Naunet, and the unique protean lords. The internal anatomy of a protean is mutable, and all proteans have the ability to change their outward form. Proteans all have the ability to fly, and cannot be held or captured by normal means Proteans have no innate gender, but can take on any gender they feel like, including none or both at the same time. Some proteans are created by reproduction (requiring two or more proteans), while some are formed directly from the raw chaos of the Maelstrom, and others are mortal souls that have been transformed into proteans. read more

Recently featured: First GuardPazuzuOutsea

September 20 - First Guard

First Guard

The First Guard is an elite force of warriors, wizards and scouts solely dedicated to uncovering and quelling threats to the safety of Absalom, housed at Azlanti Keep with the city watch. The First Guard mans the keep and serves as the core of the city's army, commanding other forces in times of war. The commission to command the First Guard is for life, and the force's vow is to protect the city, not the Grand Council. read more

Recently featured: PazuzuOutseaEiseth

September 13 - Pazuzu


The demon lord Pazuzu has claimed for himself the title of King of the Wind Demons and few dare dispute it. He is worshipped by a wide variety of evil flying creatures, his most fervent followers are the vrock demons, harpies and the kuchrima lamia. Unlike most other demon lords who work their evil on the world through cultists and demonic minions Pazuzu is fond of taking direct action on the Material Plane. read more

Recently featured: OutseaEisethLady's Light

September 6 - Outsea


Outsea is a town in the River Kingdoms containing farmland, swampland, rivers, and canals. Its citizens include both aquatic species as well as air-breathers. Military service is mandated for all water-breathers and a few landlubbers serve in respected voluntary battalions. Locks and gates separate freshwater and salt water, preventing the districts from flowing into each other. Beneath the waterline, coral reefs and seaweed form underwater structures. Fish, octopi, and other aquatic animals are prevalent. Mages of Outsea are known for their strong tradition of practicing water magic. Unique spells of merfolk and sahuagin origins can be found only in this kingdom. read more

Recently featured: EisethLady's LightCarrion Hill

August 30 - Eiseth


One of the infamous whore queens, Eiseth has ascended as far as a female devil can in the highly misogynistic hierarchy of Hell. Eiseth is said to be the first fallen celestial, and is sometimes called an angel in Hell. Much like her daughters, the erinyes, she maintains the appearance of a angel-like being, with beautiful features and black, feathered wings. read more

Recently featured: Lady's LightCarrion HillChanna Ti

August 23 - Lady's Light

Lady's Light

The Lady's Light is an enormous statue located on the end of a peninsula in the southwestern-most reaches of Varisia's Mushfens. Almost 200 feet in height, the statue resembles a woman in flowing robes with one breast bared, holding a staff aloft. While its location at the edge of the ancient kingdom of Bakrakhan might suggest that the Lady's Light depicts Alaznist (the realm's female Runelord) the statue is very different to how she is normally portrayed. read more

Recently featured: Carrion HillChanna TiWater wraith

August 16 - Carrion Hill

Carrion Hill

This week, in honour of the 120th anniversary of the birth of H.P. Lovecraft (August 20, 1890), we feature the Pathfinder module Carrion Hill by Richard Pett. With ghouls, deranged cultists, and certain monster as the final encounter, this module's influences are clear. Pett brings Carrion Hill to life with a flavour that fans of his previous works may find familiar. Check out Carrion Hill, and maybe catch a glimpse of what's in store for us in next year's Carrion Crown adventure path. read more

Note: We further honour Lovecraft's anglophilia, and Pett's homeland with decidedly British spelling in this week's posting.

Recently featured: Channa TiWater wraithRazmiran

August 9 - Channa Ti

Channa Ti

Channa Ti is a half-elven, half-Mwangi water druid. Her heritage is a little odd, and since she is not given to introspection, she does not offer any insight into why an elf fighter from the Mwangi Expanse came to father a child upon a woman of Geb. Channa doesn't say much about herself, other than to admit that she's not one to ponder her decisions overlong and that her curiosity is both a strength and a failing. read more

Recently featured: Water wraithRazmiranAxiomite

August 2 - Water wraith

Water wraith

Water wraiths are eight-legged aquatic lizards native to the Mwangi Expanse, but can be found throughout Garund. These lizards have the ability to change color at will, often using their camouflage to lie in wait for their prey, which they attack viciously with their toothy, lamprey-like mouths. Their eight powerful legs make water wraiths equally mobile and fast in water as on land. read more

Recently featured: RazmiranAxiomitePharasma

July 25 - Razmiran

Razmiran banner

The realm now known as Razmiran was once just another turbulent, violence filled River Kingdom where leadership changed as often as the years. This changed in 4661 AR when the land was conquered by a petty tyrant masquerading as a God. read more

Recently featured: AxiomitePharasmaTalmandor

July 19 - Axiomite


Axiomites are the lords, caretakers, and architects of the eternal city of Axis. Their society contains those who resemble flawless, perfect humanoids of all descriptions including humans, elves, tieflings, dwarves, halflings, giants, and even gnomes. Despite their disparate appearances, axiomites move with a single purpose, their entire race being ruled by the Transcendental Council of the Defined Infinite or as it is more commonly known the Godmind of Axis. read more

Recently featured: PharasmaTalmandorFrom Shore to Sea

July 12 - Pharasma

Holy symbol of Pharasma

"The Lady of Graves", Pharasma is the goddess who judges all of the dead souls in Golarion. If you die, your soul goes to Pharasma's Boneyard in the Outer Sphere, which sits atop an impossibly tall spire that pierces the Astral Plane from the Outer Planes. Pharasma makes no decision on whether a death is just or not. She views all with a cold and uncaring attitude. Pharasma is also the goddess of birth. She has divining knowledge of what souls will begin life anew. As the goddess of death and rebirth, she abhors the undead and considers them a perversion. read more

Recently featured: TalmandorFrom Shore to SeaSandpoint devil

July 5 - Talmandor

statue of Talmandor

The avoral Talmandor is the celestial patron of the nation of Andoran. He is said to be the voice of three of the nation's largest faiths: Iomedae, Erastil, and Shelyn. Because of this, his words bear great weight, and few question his devotion to the greatest good for the greatest number. Although his influence is greatest in Andoran, he dwells in Heaven, within the aptly named Soaring Palace of Talmandor the Golden. read more

Recently featured: From Shore to SeaSandpoint devilCastrovel

June 28 - From Shore to Sea

From Shore to Sea cover

From Shore to Sea, is a Pathfinder Modules adventure for 6th-level characters designed by Brandon Hodge. The module is unique amongst the various Pathfinder lines in that it was developed and administered by Wolfgang Baur and Open Design as part of a patronage project. The adventure was released in June 2010. read more

Recently featured: Sandpoint devilCastrovelDiobel

June 21 - Sandpoint devil

Sandpoint devil

A thing of legend, the Sandpoint devil is a horrific beast said to stalk the western coast of Varisia near the town of Sandpoint. Rumored to have been birthed by a woman cursed by Lamashtu, the Sandpoint devil is one of the most famous local legends. Despite long-standing rewards for its capture, it has never been caught. When hunters and travelers go missing along the Lost Coast, chances are you'll hear tell that the Sandpoint devil got them. read more

Recently featured: CastrovelDiobelTreerazer

June 14 - Castrovel


Castrovel, the Green Planet is the second planet from Golarion's sun and the blue planet's closest neighbor. While Akiton is generally associated with warfare, Castrovel often represents fertility and lust. These generalizations are well-founded, as the planet is almost entirely covered in teeming jungles, endless swamps, and strange clouds of colored gas. read more

Recently featured: DiobelTreerazerLaurel

June 7 - Diobel

Diobel map

Diobel is one of the two smaller settlements on the Isle of Kortos under the rule of the city-state of Absalom. While not as large as Escadar off the Isle's northern coast, Diobel plays an important role in the commercial and political affairs of the City at the Center of the World. read more

Recently featured: TreerazerLaurelChelaxian

May 31 - Treerazer


Treerazer began life in the Abyss but little is known of his exploits as a demon before his ascension. Whatever he did, it impressed his Lord Cyth-V'sug enough to risk raising him to the role of a nascent demon lord. Cyth-V'sug's gamble did not pay off, however, as Treerazer was an ambitious creature and attempted to usurp his lord's position. read more

Recently featured: LaurelChelaxianGreen Faith

May 24 - Laurel


Laurel is an herbalist and healer located in the town of Falcon's Hollow, where she owns and operates Roots and Remedies. She and her remedies are trusted more than those of outsiders, and as such most of the community's citizens seek her before visiting the local Temple of Iomedae. read more

Recently featured: ChelaxianGreen FaithCinderlander

May 17 - Chelaxians


The Chelaxian people have spread from their origins along the coast of the Inner Sea across much of Avistan. They are the true legacy of the once great imperial Cheliax whose empire once encompassed kingdoms as numerous and varied regions as Andoran, Galt, Molthune, Nirmathas and Sargava. While the empire of Cheliax may now be gone, the Chelaxian people live on, still inhabiting all of their former territories and beyond. read more

Recently featured: Green FaithCinderlanderStarstone Cathedral

May 10 - Green Faith

Green Faith

The Green Faith is a naturalistic philosophy based on the belief that natural forces are worthy of attention and respect. Its followers meditate daily, commune with natural forms of power, and show respect to nature in all things. Commoners, for example, often hang fresh herbs from the lintels of doorways as a sign of respect for nature. Although the Green Faith is based on nature, one need not be a druid to value its tenets; nor do all druids necessarily count themselves as members of this philosophy. read more

Recently featured: CinderlanderStarstone CathedralKrun Thuul

May 3 - Cinderlander


The Cinderlander, a man whose family was slaughtered by the Shoanti, leaving him with nothing but a burning need for vengeance. He abandoned his former life and walked into the Cinderlands, where he became a figure of legend—many Shoanti believing that the Cinderlander can't be a living man, but rather a spirit of wrath fueled by men slain during these raids into the southern lowlands. read more

Recently featured: Starstone CathedralKrun ThuulRiddleport

April 26 - Starstone Cathedral

Starstone Cathedral

Arguably the holiest location in all the world, the Starstone Cathedral is a monument to divinity. The massive structure was created by Aroden when he raised the Starstone from the depths of the Inner Sea and the relic is believed to rest within to this day. No one knows for certain what lies within the Cathedral itself, as only a few brave or lucky souls have returned from a failed attempt at the Test of the Starstone. Those who have entered the Cathedral and returned to tell of it describe a place where magic does not function properly and which regularly changes its configuration, challenges and guardians. read more

Recently featured: Krun ThuulRiddleportWayne Reynolds

April 18 - Krun Thuul

Krun Thuul

Krun Thuul is a military genius from the Hold of Belkzen. Born to the Black Sun Tribe of orcs, Krun was the runt of the litter, bullied and mocked by all around him. But Krun had something that all of his brothers and sisters and tribe mates lacked: brains and wits. And he leveraged this advantage to its utmost; he became the Warlord of the Black Sun, with dominion over all his tribe. read more

Recently featured: RiddleportWayne ReynoldsUsaro

April 12 - Riddleport


Riddleport is the third largest city in Varisia and is a haven for pirates and sea-faring brigands who find themselves far to the north of the Arch of Aroden. Teeming with criminals and rogues of all kinds, Riddleport is full of potential danger and hard-to-avoid intrigue. Called the City of Cyphers, Riddleport takes its name from the Cyphergate, a giant stone arch spanning the natural cove around which the city is built, covered on both sides with ancient symbols in a language that has yet to be decoded. read more

Recently featured: Wayne ReynoldsUsaroCutlass spider

April 5 - Wayne Reynolds

Wayne Reynolds

Born in Leeds, UK, Wayne Reynolds has been a staple of fantasy and RPG artwork for over a decade. His gaming industry credits include art in numerous products from Wizards of the Coast, Osprey Publishing, Games Workshop, 2000AD, Paizo Publishing, LLC and Green Ronin Publishing. Wayne had the distinct honor of illustrating the twelve Iconic Characters for Paizo's Pathfinder product line, and saw his work on the cover of the first twelve volumes of the publisher's flagship Pathfinder book line as well as the Campaign Setting hardcover for the Pathfinder Chronicles campaign setting. read more

Recently featured: UsaroCutlass spiderKingmaker Player's Guide

March 29 - Usaro


Usaro is a monolithic city on the southern edge of Lake Ocota, and its inhabitants are feared throughout the Mwangi Expanse. It is the domain of the Silverback King. The King and his followers are intelligent, bloodthirsty apes who serve Angazhan, Demon Lord of Beasts. The King's treasure vaults contain priceless riches, but the ominous sound of human-skin drums carrying across the lake deters all but the bravest or most foolhardy of treasure hunters. read more

Recently featured: Cutlass spiderKingmaker Player's GuideSepid

March 22 - Cutlass spider

cutlass spider

Cutlass spiders are constructs that often see use on pirate ships and other nautical locations, where they serve as guardians, bodyguards, or even assassins. They appear like some sort of hellish cross between an arachnid and a pile of swords big enough to supply an entire army. These golems have the ability to add magic weapons to their bodies, and in so doing gain the properties of that magic weapon in their natural attacks. read more

Recently featured: Kingmaker Player's GuideSepidSwallowtail Release

March 15 - Kingmaker Player's Guide

Kingmaker Player's Guide cover

The Kingmaker Player's Guide is intended to provide context for creating characters from the nation of Brevoy or surrounding regions who wish to play a role in the Stolen Lands' transformation. In this campaign, your characters will explore vast wildernesses and settle them, build cities and nations, and even fight wars against opposing kingdoms. Many of these unusual campaign elements are supported by additional rules that appear in other volumes of the Kingmaker Adventure Path—GMs can provide players with the information needed to explore, build, conquer, and war as the need arises in each adventure. As a special preview, some of these elements are presented at the end of this guide so players have all of the blank forms and hex paper they need to track their adventures and achievements in the Stolen Lands. read more

Recently featured: SepidSwallowtail ReleaseKorvosa

March 8 - Sepid


Sepids are a particularly brutal type of div. They are often immensely powerful, and are considered brutal tyrants even on their hellish home plane of Abaddon. read more

Recently featured: Swallowtail ReleaseKorvosaElaine Cunningham

March 1 - Swallowtail Release

Holy symbol of Desna

The Swallowtail Release is a holiday in honor of the goddess Desna, and is held annually on the first day of autumn. It serves to commemorate a legend in which an avatar of Desna fell to Golarion after a fierce battle with the goddess Lamashtu. She was discovered and nursed back to health by a blind child. To express her thanks, Desna transformed the child into a beautiful, immortal swallowtail butterfly so that he could explore the wonders of the whole world for all eternity. To celebrate this event, priests of Desna release a wagon full of swallowtail butterflies in front of a crowd of believers. read more

Recently featured: KorvosaElaine CunninghamRPG Superstar

February 22 - Korvosa

Seal of Korvosa

Korvosa is the largest city found in the wilderness area known as Varisia, and serves as the seat of one of three city-states that claim independent authority over their individual holdings in the region. Though its citizens and traditions have strong ties to the nation of Cheliax, with many of its people tracing their ancestry directly to servants of the Empire, the city's location at the mouth of the Jeggare River and the presence of a highly-defensible harbor have contributed to the establishment of Korvosa as a primary hub for trade; various cultures and peoples can be found within the city's walls as goods move in and out of its gates. read more

Recently featured: Elaine CunninghamRPG SuperstarPangolais

February 15 - Elaine Cunningham

Elaine Cunningham

Elaine Cunningham is an American fantasy writer best known for her work in the Forgotten Realms setting (Wizards of the Coast.) Her first foray into the Pathfinder Chronicles campaign setting was Dark Tapestry, a six-part series of serialized fiction in Pathfinder's Journal, released in Pathfinder Adventure Path issues 19-24 beginning with the launch of the fourth adventure path, Legacy of Fire, in March 2009. Her article detailing the elven forest realm of Hymbria is included in Guide to the River Kingdoms. In February 2010, Paizo Publishing announced that Elaine would launch their highly anticipated Pathfinder Fiction line with her novel entitled Winter Witch in September 2010. read more

Recently featured: RPG SuperstarPangolaisBlack Dome

February 8 - RPG Superstar

RPG Superstar 2010 logo

Currently in its third year of competition, RPG Superstar is a game design contest sponsored by Paizo Publishing in the style of reality talent searches such as American Idol. Each round of the contest is judged by a panel of three professional judges and a varying number of guest judges. Voters then cast secret ballots to determine which entries will progress to the next round, eliminating half the contestants each time. In the final round, four contestants put forward adventure proposals, the winner of which is contracted for publication as part of the Pathfinder Modules line. Past winners include Christine Schneider and Neil Spicer, and such frequent Pathfinder contributors as Clinton Boomer, Rob McCreary, and Jason Nelson were all final four contestants. read more

Recently featured: PangolaisBlack DomeLumber Consortium

February 1 - Pangolais

Pangolais area map

Pangolais is the capital city of Nidal. Located deep within the Uskwood, the trees' heavy canopy makes even the brightest day nearly as dark as the blackest night. Visitors to the city must seek permission to enter, and once inside must seek the services of a local guide. These guides come at great expense since visitors can easily become lost in the darkness of the city, and because it is illegal for outsiders to roam about unattended. read more

Recently featured: Black DomeLumber ConsortiumMark Moreland

January 25 - Black Dome

The Black Dome

The Black Dome dominates the skyline of Osirion's capital, Sothis. It is the remains of the carapace of a uniquely gargantuan scarab beetle that has been modified to house the royal palace and the estates of many of the city's noble elite. The shell long predates Sothis, and according to legend (backed by the lore of the cult of Nethys), was part of a spawn of Rovagug who emerged in Casmaron at the Pit of Gormuz and laid waste to northeastern Garund before being killed by Nethys shortly before he became a god. The beast's blood was said to inspire springs and oases and young Sothis formed around the husk. The interior of the shell is decorated with magical faerie fire constellations. read more

Recently featured: Lumber ConsortiumMark MorelandIlizmagorti

January 18 - Lumber Consortium

Lumber consortium

The Lumber Consortium is a company which has a monopoly on the hardwood and darkwood lumber industry in the country of Andoran. A remnant of the past when Andoran existed as a Chelish holding, the Lumber Consortium has seen its wealth and influence decline with the coming of democracy. Nonetheless, the Lumber Consortium continues to exert great pressure on smaller and weaker regions and communities, particularly in the less developed areas of the nation. The Consortium's major logging operation occurs in and around Darkmoon Vale, and as such, this is where their continued power is most noticeable. read more

Recently featured: Mark MorelandIlizmagortiEagle Knights

January 11 - Mark Moreland

Mark Moreland

Mark Moreland, perhaps better known as yoda8myhead, was born and raised in Kansas City, MO. He attended college at New York University, where he received a BFA in film and television production. An active member of Paizo Publishing's messageboards and an Administrator on this very wiki, Mark longed to contribute to Pathfinder, a goal he realized in October 2009 when his first adventure, The Pallid Plague, was selected for publication as part of a Pathfinder Society open call. In addition to work for Paizo, Mark has also written and edited for Gun Metal Games and Rite Publishing. He can often be found here on PathfinderWiki, the Paizo messageboards, or PFTools chat.

It should also be mentioned that this week is Mark's birthday. Make sure you stop by his talk page on Friday to say "Happy Birthday". read more

Recently featured: IlizmagortiEagle KnightsAkiton

January 4 - Ilizmagorti


The city of Ilizmagorti is the only settlement of any size on Mediogalti Island.

Known to its foes as Scum Tide City, and to its friends as the Black Pearl of the Tropics, the city’s exact location is unlikely to appear on any map thanks to the efforts of the Red Mantis to remove it from all records. Many of the ships who dock in the harbour are pirates, but the port is also used by a number of (comparatively) honest merchant vessels.

The population is also assumed to include a large number of Red Mantis assassins, which means a certain wariness is probably advisable when dealing with strangers. read more

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