Amycus Viamio

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Amycus Viamio

Lord Magistrate
Source: Guide to Korvosa, pg(s). 50

Lord Magistrate Amycus Viamio was a widely despised ruler in the early days of the city of Korvosa. Amycus Viamio rose to his position of rulership after the death of Lord Magistrate Remsev Ornelos, a death he helped orchestra after indirectly goading a group of Korvosan longshore men to invade the Ornelos home and butcher the Lord Magistrate. After this Amycus spent twelve years bringing in his supporters from their homeland of Cheliax to swell the population of Korvosa, causing clashes between these newcomers and the established city aristocracy in 4492 AR. In 4502 AR Amycus deliberately began the Cousins’ War when he used a land disagreement to declare his rivals House Endrin and the other families that settled on the mainland traitors. The war was bloody yet short, and House Viamio was on the losing side. The former Lord Magistrate Amycus Viamio was caught trying to flee the city by Sable Company marines and arrested never to be seen again.1


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