Shoreline Drinkhall

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Shoreline Drinkhall is the most popular tavern in the East Shore district of Korvosa. Its main clientele are off-duty Korvosan Guard members who come through three times a day when the shift changes and longshoremen who visit every evening. Many other East Shore residents also stop by for drinks and, due to Shoreline Drinkhall's close proximity to the Thief Camp area, it also attracts many Shoanti and Varisians. Bar brawls occur fairly regularly but are not quite as dangerous as those at some of the city's other establishments like, for example, the Sticky Mermaid. The Shoreline Drinkhall has a reputation for fair prices, stiff drinks, and meals that are closer to military rations than to civilian food. The establishment is owned by House Endrin.1


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