Chadris Porphyria III

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Chadris Porphyria III

King of Korvosa
Source: Guide to Korvosa, pg(s). 42

King Chadris Porphyria III was the only ruler of the Varisian city of Korvosa that House Porphyria ever produced. His rule was brief, with only six years between coronation and death, and he was an unpopular ruler for most of it.1


This reputation was cemented when he ordered an entire regiment of Korvosan Guards to besiege the independent city of Kaer Maga in 4663 AR. The entire campaign lasted two months and cost the lives of 117 guardsmen. Even though the siege was ultimately unsuccessful, King Chadris III was able to wring an important concession from the City of Strangers in the Treaty of Sirathu: control over all land below the Storval Rise.2

Other than this brief conflict, Chadris was responsible for no major achievements. When he died in 4667 AR, his successor, Queen Domina Arabasti, made sure to eradicate his noble house from Korvosa permanently.1

Sometime after Chadris' death, his gemstone regalia was taken to Magnimar, where it was put and remains on display at the city's Museum of Ages, much to the consternation of Korvosa's citizens.3


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