Grand Cathedral of Pharasma (Korvosa)

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The Grand Cathedral of Pharasma is the large white building in the enclosed area on the far left of this picture of the city of Korvosa.

The Grand Cathedral of Pharasma in the Varisian city of Korvosa is the headquarters for the clergy of the Lady of Graves, and the largest building in the Gray district.1

Layout and construction

The Grand Cathedral is surrounded by a small, fenced-in plot of holy ground, and is the only structure that is home to the living within the city's graveyard district. It has imposing, black marble walls and few windows, especially on the first floor, and even the windows on the upper floors are largely arrow slits. The defensive construction of the Grand Cathedral is practical, as the church of Pharasma has had to fight numerous battles throughout its history to keep risen corpses from breaking out of the cemetery and attacking the living. Numerous extensive vaults are located beneath the Cathedral, and are used as reliquaries and ossuaries. The latter is said to house the remains of Saint Alika.1


The Grand Cathedral is inhabited primarily by the clergy of Pharasma: a mix of laypersons, clerics, and faithful warriors, who are led by Bishop Keppira d'Bear.1

Recent history

During the recent troubles caused by Queen Ileosa, the Grand Cathedral was used as a meeting place for those opposing the evil monarch's rule, as Bishop d'Bear was among her most powerful opponents.2


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