Dock Trade

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The Dock Trade is Korvosa's smallest marketplace, built into a repurposed warehouse and it is probably best described as "dubiously legal". A lot of their goods, while fresh, appear to have been mysteriously damaged in transit and for years the Korvosan Guard have been trying to link the various merchants of the Dock Trade to a range of robberies. The Hellknights are also regulars at the market and this intense scrutiny has kept the Dock Trade from growing in size. Beyond this, the Dock Trade is also often disrupted by a family of pseudodragons that live in the rafters of the building. For the most part the pseudodragons hunt rats and other vermin, having minimal interaction with the market below, but once in a while an object will take their fancy, often drawing in the entire colony of diminutive dragons. While the pseudodragons are not violent, normally when this happens anarchy ensues, often to the point that the local guard have to be called. When this happens, the pseudodragons will often leave for a few weeks, normally until the rat problem gets so bad that the merchants invite the tiny dragons back.1


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