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Vavana Dhatri

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Vavana Dhatri

Arbiter of Allegiance
Source: Curse of the Crimson Throne, pg(s). 364

Vavana Dhatri is the former Arbiter of Allegiance of the Gray Maidens, responsible for brainwashing all new recruits and ensuring that all of them would be loyal to Ileosa Arabasti, either through blackmail or torture. She is regarded as the cruellest member of the Gray Maidens.12


Vavana was born to Abanmi Dhatri, a refugee from Vudra who secured passage to Korvosa after her husband died during a scarlet leprosy outbreak, taking Vavana and her younger brother Ishani with her. The price for passage was 13 years of indentured service to the notorious House Arkona, but Abanmi died just four months after arriving in Korvosa, leaving Vavana and Ishani orphans. After enrolling in the Acadamae, Vavana cut ties with her brother.3


Unlike Ishani, who was young enough to easily integrate himself into Korvosan society, Vavana faced significant prejudice, as both a child and a student in the Acadamae. Bitter and clever, she gravitated toward the study of enchantment magic. She never knew who recommended her to Ileosa—whether that was Toff Ornelos, a member of the Arkona family, or someone else—but, nonetheless, eagerly accepted the job to make use of her magic for Korvosa's greater good, becoming the newly formed Gray Maidens' Arbiter of Allegiance.2

In 4708 AR, when the city's population rebelled against Ileosa, Vavana was contacted by her brother, and pretended to him that she was serving the Gray Maidens against her will. When he arrived in Castle Korvosa, she knocked him out, captured him, and bound him to an akaruzug frame.4 After the rebels overthrew and killed Ileosa, it is said that several former Gray Maidens tracked Vavana to the Arkona Palace, but reports of later events vary to such a degree that Vavana's fate cannot be determined.2