Temple of Asmodeus (Korvosa)

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The temple of Asmodeus in the Varisian city of Korvosa's Heights neighborhood is a star-shaped building with a relatively small number of priests.1


Constructed hastily in 4608 AR to appease and attract the new Chelish leadership, the star-shaped church of Asmodeus underwent frequent maintenance and renovations over the course of seven decades. Unfortunately, two incidents during these remodeling efforts resulted in the collapse of two star-point wings, leading to the death of a cleric in one instance and severe injuries to laborers in the other. Initially, the Church of Asmodeus viewed the temple as an insult until Queen Domina, in her ambitious building campaign in 4683 AR, included a rebuilt temple as part of her plans. Archbishop Ornher Reebs, with the assistance of the headmaster of the Acadamae, performed a dark and infernal dedication, sealing a pact with an erinys using the blood of thirteen virgin sacrifices. While some volunteers willingly participated in the dedication, there are speculations that a few may have been influenced or magically compelled to join the "festivities."2

The aftermath of this dedication caused uproar among the citizens of Korvosa, with threats of riots, the destruction of the temple, and the overthrow of the monarchy. Queen Domina managed to quell the unrest by using her personal wealth to import a powerful cleric who attempted to resurrect all thirteen sacrifices. Four of the virgins declined the offer, but most of the remaining nine still live to this day.2


The temple, when viewed from above, takes the shape of a large, red, five-sided star, symbolizing Asmodeus, with low white square sections connecting several of the star's arms. At the center of the star stands a red-glass dome. The arms of the star rise to a height of 30 feet, while the white connecting structures are 15 feet high. Inside, the red star forms a single chamber, with an altar dedicated to Asmodeus at each point. Doors open into the spacious annexes, which serve as living quarters and administrative offices.2


The Church of Asmodeus occasionally vies with the Church of Abadar for the authority to verify and witness contracts and oaths of allegiance or service.2


Persistent rumors circulate throughout the city, suggesting that the temple of Asmodeus actively supports and promotes the slave trade. Despite frequent searches conducted by Hellknights, Korvosan Guards, and Sable Company marines, nothing incriminating has been discovered, fueling further speculation that the temple conceals a secret entrance to the Vaults.2


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