Upslope House

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Citadel Crest ward, in the Heights District, is the only ward in Korvosa having no inns by law. People requiring overnight stays, instead, have the choice from three bed and breakfast establishments, all of which are owned by nobles. In order of price, they are:

In order of size, Tenna's is the smallest and Upslope House the largest.1

Upslope House has 10 rooms able to house 22 guests at a time. That this number is large for a mere bed and breakfast establishment, in an area where inns are forbidden, seems to be overlooked by the authorities.

City rumours hold that Upslope House hides a door to an area of the Vaults used by followers of an unnamed dark power. To add spice to the rumours, the involvement of dero is often thrown in.2


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