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House Fordyce

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House Fordyce
Type Noble house
Headquarters Barony of Pamiatazova
Scope Local
Structure Familial

Source: Guide to Darkmoon Vale, pg(s). 8

House Fordyce of Cheliax rules the Barony of Pamiatazova, much reduced in size since the independence of Andoran. When Andoran still belonged to Cheliax, the Barony of Pamiatazova was within the County of Elberwick.[1]

In Korvosa

House Fordyce ascended to the status of a Great House in Korvosa after one of its lord's sons, Dyson Fordyce, became the first and only person to ever win the annual Breaching Festival at the Korvosan Acadamae in 4551 AR.[2] The house was displaced about a century later by House Zenderholm.[3]

Notable members

  • Dyson Fordyce, retired to the outskirts of Veldraine