City Hall (Korvosa)

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The City Hall of Korvosa was built before the rise of the the Korvosan monarchy and House Thrune in distant Cheliax, making it one of the city's most prominent buildings built in the pre-diabolic style. The buildings facade is characterised by large pillars, rectangular windows and a whitewashed exterior. Despite the rise of the monarchy, City hall is still a busy building, housing much of the city's bureaucracy. The most famous inhabitant of City Hall is not a person but a painting. Breaking the Siege is a massive eight by thirteen foot painting of Field Marshal Korvosa meeting Sergeant Endrin atop the earthworks of Fort Korvosa, done by the artist Endrik Archerus. While the painting is without a doubt the most famous piece of art in or about Korvosa, it is also rife with historical inaccuracies.1


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