Jakthion Korvosa

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Jakthion Korvosa

Field Marshal
Lord Magistrate of Korvosa
4410 AR (age 71)
Source: Guide to Korvosa, pg(s). 27

Jakthion Korvosa (4339 AR4410 AR) is best known for leading a small army of Chelish soldiers into the wilderness of south-eastern Varisia as part of the Everwar. There he helped found the city of Korvosa and became its first Lord Magistrate.1

Early history

Jakthion Korvosa was born Jakthion Peltherianon to a minor Chelish noble family. The sixth son, he joined the Imperial Army at the age of 13, and was quickly promoted due to his sharp mind and excellent instinct for tactics. Three weeks before his 20th birthday he was given his first company command.1

He had a strained relationship with his family who considered military service beneath his social station. Things got worse when he returned home to watch his mother die from a wasting disease. He was disowned by his father which prompted Jakthion to adopt the surname of his first commander, Korvosa Regus, as his own.1

After his mother's death, the young General Korvosa became a heavy drinker and developed a reputation for alcohol-fueled tirades and abusive language. Following a particularly violent outburst he was forced into retirement, where he stayed for 12 years. Through determination he was able to overcome his drinking problem, and was reinstated to the army, quickly taking on leadership roles again. He was elevated to the rank of Field Marshal in 4404 AR and was tasked by the Chelish Emperor Halleck IV with establishing a Chelish colony in the northern wilderness of Varisia.1

Conquest of Varisia

In 4406 AR, Field Marshall Korvosa set out from Cheliax with a small army and a group of hardy pioneers in tow. They made their way through Bloodsworn Vale, where the local Shoanti tribesmen put up heavy resistance. With the coming of winter, the locals strangely vanished, and Korvosa led his remaining followers into Varisia proper.2

Traveling to what would later be known as the Jeggare River in 4407 AR, he was met by the explorer Montlarion Jeggare himself, and together they saved the few surviving Chelish marines of Admiral Mercatio Kiameleu's ill-fated naval expedition. Following the defeat of the local Shoanti tribes, he selected an easily defensible island at the mouth of the Jeggare River to be the sight of a defensive fortification, calling it Fort Korvosa. He promoted Sergeant Waydon Endrin, the only surviving ranking marine, placing him in charge of its defense.2

Later life and legacy

With a secure Chelish presence at the Jeggare River's delta, Fort Korvosa began to grow, attracting trappers, hunters, fisherman, and adventurers.2 Immensely popular even years after his dramatic rescue of the marines, Jakthion Korvosa was chosen to be the first Lord Magistrate of the town.1

He is still a tremendously popular figure in Korvosa today. Three statues of him still stand, and two streets are named for his rank (Field Marshal Way and Field Marshal Avenue).1


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