Kendall Amphitheater

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The Kendall Amphitheater, located in the Heights District of Korvosa, hosts open-air performances.12


In 4579 AR, a 300-foot-wide sinkhole opened north of the Pillar Wall in Korvosa, the largest recorded sinkhole in the city's history. The area was lightly inhabited, and few buildings were damaged or destroyed.12

The sinkhole was caused by ankhravs, the city's first contact with the dangerous pests, and the adventuring group Scions of Puris dealt with the threat. However, the fight cost the Scions their leader, Mina Kendall, whom they carried from the hole in a bloody bag.12

To stabilize the sinkhole and avoid further damage, dwarves from Janderhoff built walls with passages leading into the sprawling underground vaults exposed by the sinkhole.12

In 4582 AR, Korvosa built and dedicated an open-air auditorium in Mina Kendall's honor with the remaining Scions of Puris present. Kendall Amphitheater, which overlaps the sinkhole's opening, is supported by arches and pillars and includes a pair of stairways leading downward into the Kendall Vault.12

Plaza of Scions

The Plaza of Scions lies to the north-west of the Kendall Amphitheater and is dominated by statues depicting members of the Scions of Puris.3


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