Exemplary Execrables

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A former temple of Aroden, Exemplary Execrables now serves as a theatre devoted to all things foul and shocking. Redecorated in gold paint and tacky fake gems, Exemplary Execrables now puts on plays solely designed to shock and scandalise, they feature faked rape, murder and bloody torture, these shows are always filled with gore and normally pornographic. The owner of the theatre, Pilts Swastel is a sore-covered man who is every bit as repugnant as the shows the theatre puts on. The most popular attractions are the so called "death plays", where a volunteer is pulled from the audience and then 'murdered' in front of the audience by a masked performer. Given how realistic these murders appear, some have wondered if they are even staged at all. Many of the volunteers go missing shortly afterwards, as do a startling number of Pilts's assistants. As such the theatre has drawn investigations by the Korvosan Guard, Sable Company and even Hellknights of the Order of the Nail but none have been able to catch Pilts doing anything untoward. Exemplary Execrables also has an attached 'museum' a side-show of the macabre that includes severed heads, fetuses and a large collection of torture implements. It also includes a Galtan guillotine whose sharp blade has claimed many a finger from overly curious guests.1


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