Eel's End

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Eel's End is the name given to a pier on the eastern edge of Endrin Isle, in Korvosa's Old Korvosa district. Five ships are permanently anchored here, forming a drug, prostitution, and gambling complex run by Devargo Barvasi, also known as the King of Spiders.1


The dock known as Eel's End can be found on Wave Street, on the south-easternmost tip of the city district of Old Korvosa, just east of the last wooden bridge to connect Endrin Isle to the mainland district of North Point.2 The dock itself is decorated with lanterns shaped like dream spiders and god's eye, although they are only lit at night.1

At the end of the 70 foot quay, the visitor finds five permanently moored ships, each housing different (largely illicit) businesses overseen by Barvasi. In a clockwise direction when approaching the end of the pier, these ships are: the Twin Tigers, a barge housing an often raucous gambling hall, the Dragon's Breath Corridor, a once-mighty vessel, now painted a gaudy shade of red that holds a silken drug den, the Eel's End, an old warship that serves as Barvasi's headquarters, the House of Clouds, a brothel run by a half-elven madam named Halvara, and the Goldenhawk, a single-masted Chelish ship, patched and repaired in hundreds of places, which acts as a floating inn. None of these vessels are seaworthy, and are kept in just good-enough repair to keep them from sinking into the Jeggare River.1


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