Keyra Palin

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Keyra Palin

Keyra the Wave
4429 AR (age 44)
Source: Guide to Korvosa, pg(s). 23

Keyra Palin also known as Keyra the Wave, was a naval heroine of early in the history of the Varisian city of Korvosa. The nearby settlement of Palin's Cove is named after her as well as Wave Street in Bridgefront and the Laughing Wave Inn in Mainshore.1


As a young child, Keyra joined Admiral Kiameleu's crew on the Tarrasque. Throughout the years, she earned the admiral's respect, which prompted her promotion to captain at age 19, much to the outrage of the other naval officers. She went on to first captain the frigate Merciless, one of Kiameleu's flotilla, and remained its captain up till her death. While Kiameleu's flotilla departed during the Siege of Endrin Isle, abandoning the marines who were stationed there, Palin chose to remain behind. She utilized the catapults and a group of sorcerers from the Merciless to provide support during the arduous siege that spanned several months. In 4415 AR, Palin assumed the role of commander for the marines stationed at Fort Korvosa, but she yearned for the open sea. The following year, she relocated her command to the Merciless, embracing a life aboard the ship. Throughout her enduring relationship with Waydon Endrin, Palin gave birth to their children, Lucien and Mina, in 4421 AR. Palin perished in 4429 AR during the Great Fire, along with a quarter of the town's inhabitants.23


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