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The Heights District is seen in the middle of this picture of the city of Korvosa and includes the Grand Mastaba and the Acadamae on top of Citadel Hill.

The Heights District gets its name from the fact that it is located at the highest point in Korvosa, built upon Citadel Hill. Most of Korvosa's elite reside here, wishing to be close to the court at Castle Korvosa and to literally and figuratively look down at the rest of the city.1

There are three wards in this district:2

Citadel Crest
This is the wealthiest ward of Korvosa, being the residence of nobles and rich merchants.
A step down in wealth from Citadel Crest is Cliffside, where many lesser nobles and wealthy merchants make their home.
Named after the University of Korvosa, which is found here, this ward is dominated by scholastic institutions.

Places of Interest

The Heights District contains numerous places of interest but is dominated by its two most important establishments: the Acadamae and Castle Korvosa.3


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