Pestico's Dolls and Figurines

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Pestico's Dolls and Figurines is a shop out of the Midland district that sells doll and figurines to the delight of children all across the city of Korvosa. Run by Vadid Pestico, a kindly but fragile old man, Vadid build's the store's dolls while his wife Kiristi used to sculpt the figurines, until her death over a decade ago. Recently Vadid unveiled a project he had been working on for a long time, a group of six soulbound dolls he named "Pestico's Daughters". These 'daughters' help Pestico run the shop and have become quite the draw for tourists and locals alike. However recently one of these dolls has gone missing and shortly after she did a string of bodies were found nearby. So far the Korvosan Guard have kept these killing under wraps as the victims were vagrants who, so far, no one has missed.[1]


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