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Zenobia Zenderholm

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Zenobia Zenderholm
Zenobia Zenderholm.

Hanging Judge, Zena
Senior Arbiter
Aristocrat 2 / Cleric 9 (formerly Aristocrat 1/Expert 9)1
Urgathoa (formerly Abadar)2
Source: Curse of the Crimson Throne, pg(s). 250

Senior Arbiter Zenobia "Zena" Zenderholm, of House Zenderholm, is also known as the "Hanging Judge" of the Varisian city of Korvosa. She acquired this nickname from her strict, no-nonsense court rulings, and is justifiably feared among the city's criminal elements.3 Despite her reputation, she deals light sentences to criminals of desperation and is renowned for her aid to victims of crime outside of the courts.2

After sentencing Maloda Cadabrani, the daughter of the well-known Sczarni boss Fummos Cadabrani, to death by hanging, she was sent a starved swamp barracuda as a warning. The arbiter escaped with her life, but has hired a food taster to protect her since then.4

She is also a popular philanthropist in Korvosa, volunteering free legal advice to clerics and Korvosa's orphanages as part of her service to Abadar.2

Zenobia was one of the first victims of the blood veil plague. As her attempts to remove the disease from herself failed, she lost her faith in Abadar and started praying to Urgathoa, pledging her service if she were to be freed of her torment. Her wish was granted when Urgathoa transformed her into a penanggalen. As she continued to masquerade as a living human, Zenobia handed the Longacre Building to the Gray Maidens and pledged her allegiance to Queen Ileosa.56