Conspirator dragon

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Conspirator dragon
Concept art of an conspirator dragon

Source: Monster Core, pg(s). 110-112

Conspirator dragons lurk within the shadows and elite circles of society using their ability to disguise themselves as humanoids. Masters of manipulation and control, these dragons constantly scheme and plot, driven by personal ambition or the sheer delight of orchestrating intricate schemes. Conspirator dragons hold themselves in high regard, often adopting patronizing speech and demeanor. Yet, as they frequently interact incognito, they meticulously uphold their disguises to conceal their true identities.1

In addition to conventional hoards, conspirator dragons delight in amassing a trove of secrets and materials for extortion. These may include copies of confidential letters, clandestine contracts, and other compromising evidence instrumental in furthering the dragon's schemes. The objectives of a particular conspirator dragon vary widely, with each hoarding items relevant to its ambitions. Given their tendency to reside within settlements, conspirator dragons store their hoards in expansive cellars, secluded forest or mountain hideouts, or even within the secure confines of local banks' vaults.2

On Golarion

  • Vixalla is currently hidden in the upper ranks of Taldoran society disguised as Countess Phisetta dis Alavir.3


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