Solar dragon

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Solar dragon

5–21 (by age category)
Source: Bestiary 4, pg(s). 68–69

Solar dragons are outer dragons who consider themselves to be the source of light and life in the universe, and treat all creatures as if they were their own creations.1


A solar dragon's head is crowned with horns, its wings are hued fiery red and orange, and it shines with a light as blinding as the sun.1


Solar dragons can travel the vacuum of space and lair in stars.12


Solar dragons are such alien creatures that others are often blinded in their presence. A great wyrm solar dragon can become light and travel as a beam to any location it can see where light can enter. It can also channel positive energy as a healing force or destructive radiation. Its breath is so hot that even creatures immune to extreme heat might experience harm if exposed to it. However, they are vulnerable to extreme cold.1

Solar dragons speak at least Empyrean and Taldane in addition to Draconic, and some also speak Elven, Fey, Petran, Pyric, and Sussuran.1

On Golarion

Solar dragons visit Golarion only when they have a vested interest in a specific troubled creature or cause.2

Legends claim that the Glory's Flame lighthouse of Mut in Taldor, whose light has never gone out in more than three millennia, is illuminated by the beating heart of a solar dragon.3

On distant worlds

Within Golarion's solar system, solar dragons live near or in its sun.4


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