Omen dragon

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Omen dragon
Concept art of an omen dragon

Source: Monster Core, pg(s). 123-125

Omen dragons are inherently attuned to the currents of fate, their minds constantly awash with visions of what is to come. At first glance, omen dragons bear a resemblance to other occult dragons, distinguished only by the mirror-like membrane lining their wings. These wings serve as conduits to glimpse into the future, offering hazy and ambiguous glimpses of events yet to unfold, albeit generally correct. Omen dragons feel an innate urge to share the futures they perceive, indiscriminate in their dissemination of knowledge, whether to humble villagers or tyrannical rulers.1


Omen dragons establish multiple lairs, each tailored to accommodate the demands of different envisioned futures. While each lair hosts a smaller hoard compared to traditional dragons, the treasures within carry profound significance. Alongside riches, omen dragons amass items of great import, be they legendary artifacts, remedies for potential afflictions, or other objects foreseen in visions as pivotal. Many desperate travelers undertake pilgrimages to these lairs in search of the miraculous items that could resolve their woes. Omen dragons are willing to share these treasures, yet visitors must convince the dragon of the item's predetermined destiny rather than any uncertain future possibility.2

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