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Frost drake

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Frost drake
Type Dragon
CR 7
Environment Cold mountains
Images of frost drakes

Source: Bestiary 2, pg(s). 108

Frost drakes are bestial cousins of white dragons that inhabit icy mountains.[1]


Despite being descended from white dragons, the smallest and weakest of the chromatic dragons, frost drakes are among the largest and most powerful of the drakes.[1]

Unmated adolescent frost drakes live in packs divided along gender lines, which they leave once they find a mate. Mated pairs raise their young together until these reach maturity at the age of five, at which point the parents abandon their offspring and lay a new clutch. The newly independent young then join an adolescent pack of their own.[1]

In Golarion

Giants across the Inner Sea region are known to breed and keep frost drakes and pets, minions, and mounts for their allies.[2][3]

Frost drakes are known to live in the vicinity of Xin-Shalast, and colonists from Riddleport hunt them for food.[4]

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