Frost drake

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Frost drake

Frost drakes are bestial cousins of white dragons that inhabit icy lands.1


Despite being descended from white dragons, the smallest and weakest of the chromatic dragons, frost drakes are among the largest and most powerful of the drakes.2

Unmated adolescent frost drakes live in packs divided along gender lines, which they leave once they find a mate. Mated pairs raise their young together until these reach maturity at the age of five, at which point the parents abandon their offspring and lay a new clutch. The newly independent young then join an adolescent pack of their own.2

Frost drakes are aggressive predators, and feed on prey such as caribou, wolves, bears, and humanoids. They typically keep large hunting grounds, and frost drakes native to high mountains are known to range into warmer lowlands to seek out prey.1


Frost drakes, like their white dragon relatives, are cruel and bestial creatures and among the most insolent and openly malicious drakes. This often leads to their downfall, as individual frost drakes often attempt to enact cruelties beyond their means and attack fortresses or settlements too strong for them to overcome.1

In Golarion

Giants across the Inner Sea region are known to breed and keep frost drakes and pets, minions, and mounts for their allies.34

Frost drakes are known to live in the vicinity of Xin-Shalast, and colonists from Riddleport hunt them for food.5


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