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Magical dragon
Traditional dragon
True dragon
A red and white dragon battle.

Source: Fortress of the Stone Giants, pg(s). 60ff. (1E)
Monster Core, pg(s). 108‒125 (2E)

Magical dragons—also known as traditional dragons for their connections to magical traditions, and previously known as true dragons1—are members of a broad classification of the most powerful dragons, including arcane, divine, occult, and primal dragons.2 Some scholars have also associated at least one of these terms with imperial and outer dragons.3

They all share certain traits:

  • a steady growth in power and intelligence over time34
  • innate magic34
  • apex physical strength and agility3
  • efficient physiology3
  • a predilection toward hoarding wealth4

Magical dragons typically have four legs, two wings, and a tail.3


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