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Type Dragon
CR 4
Environment Temperate or warm deserts, hills, or mountains

Source: Bestiary 5, pg(s). 18

Amphipteres are slender, snakelike dragons distantly related to wyverns, and physically distinguished from other lesser dragons by the absence of any limbs save for their great, clawed bat-like wings.[1]

Despite their wings, amphipteres are very poor fliers. They typically cannot lift themselves more than ten or so feet off the ground, sometimes less, and a typical amphiptere's flight is limited to clumsy leaps and gliding as it uses its well-developed claws to propel itself along the ground.[1]

Amphipteres also possess extremely long, powerful tails that make up the majority of their eighteen feet of length and are tipped with sharp, broad spurs. Amphipteres can use these as dangerous weapons, whipping their tails through the air with enough force to pierce metal and impale their foes.[1]


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