Guardian dragon

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Guardian dragon

(aquatic, mythic)
24 / MR 10
Source: Bestiary 4, pg(s). 146

The guardian dragon is an immense, serpentine dragon created by a deity to hide and guard a fabulous, legendary treasure.1


A guardian dragon's body is long and serpentine, with spreading wings and eyes glittering like burnished gold. It is 50 feet long when fully uncoiled and weighs seven tons. Its blood, bite, and breath weapon are venomous.1


A guardian dragon maintains its eternal vigil surrounded by an uncanny demiplane, either built by itself or its divine creator. Over time, the guardian dragon enhances the defences around its lair. The typical guardian dragon's lair is full of natural hazards and the dragon's minions.1

A guardian dragon is willing to trade unusable items for something more suitable, as long as the other party makes no attempt at theft, which the dragon takes as a personal affront to its honour. Its thirst for vengeance when recovering its charge is unending, and thanks to its tracking magic, the dragon is relentless in pursuit of stolen possessions.1

Because of its many victories over thieves and dragonslayers, a guardian dragon is usually in possession of a large hoard, which it uses—or teaches its minions to use—in the defence of its lair.1


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