Spine dragon

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Spine dragon
A Technic League agent battles a spine dragon in the Felldales.

Temperate hills
Source: The Inner Sea World Guide, pg(s). 312

The spine dragon, most commonly found in the wilds of Numeria, is a relative of true dragons. Its body is covered in thousands of crystalline spines, which protect it from ray-type spells. When attacking, it can breathe a powerful cone of sonic energy which can crumble entire buildings and deafen its victims. It is also able to attack by shooting spines off of its body.1


An adult spine dragon will grow to a length of 60 feet (including its tail), standing over 20 feet in height, and weighing upwards of 16,000 pounds. Unlike true dragons, spine dragons do not gain abilities with age. The defenses their spines impart make them ideal for being able to survive against the odd and alien constructs prevalent in Numeria.1

Vain creatures, they enjoy acting as a divine being to less-intelligent species. They build hordes of treasure with as many crystalline items, including magic items, as possible.1