Aashaq's wyvern

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Aashaq's wyvern

Temperate or warm hills (Dahak's Teeth)
Source: Isles of the Shackles, pg(s). 42

Aashaq's wyverns are a magically engineered breed of wyvern created by the mighty red dragon Aashaq to serve her on her island of Dahak's Teeth in the Shackles. They were originally normal wyverns, but were altered into their present forms by Aashaq when she settled in the islands and decided to turn the native wyverns into personal servitors.1


Aashaq's wyverns are distinguished from their unaltered kin by their bifurcated tails, which split near their bases and thus provide the wyverns with two distinct stingers. Aashaq's wyverns are eighteen feet from snout to tail-tip, and are typically purple in color.1


Aashaq's wyverns are limited in their range to the islands of Dahak's Teeth, where Aashaq resides. Although they are given a considerable amount of individual freedom by their creator, few choose to leave their native archipelago. They chiefly live in the caves found throughout Dahak's Teeth, and attack passing vessels to prey upon their crews.1


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