Diabolic dragon

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Diabolic dragon
Concept art of a diabolic dragon

Source: Monster Core, pg(s). 112-114
See also: Infernal dragon

Diabolic dragons are said to be extensions of the plane of Hell itself to enact its will, or perhaps the reborn souls of dragons sent to Hell. Either way, these dragons are powerful and cunning. Every diabolic dragon lives to further the goals of Hell through various means.1

Their hoards consist primarily of soul gems and infernal contracts. These contracts remain active until the soul of the mortal signer descends into Hell, whereupon it is forcibly ensnared within a soul gem. Diabolic dragons often dispatch these souls to various corners of Hell for various uses. However, they reserve the souls of particularly intriguing mortals, summoning them later to serve as minions or for other nefarious purposes.2


The lair of a diabolic dragon is generally surprisingly austere. Typically, these dragons stake claim to caverns or expansive chambers within the depths of Hell.2

On Golarion

  • Azhadar is the greatest diabolic archdragon and serves Moloch, though has the freedom to leave Hell. She delights in traveling to Golarion to tempt mortals with countless promises, ensnaring their souls into infernal contracts.3


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