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Crypt dragon

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Crypt dragon
A crypt dragon.
Type Dragon
CR 8–24 (by age category)
Environment Any (Boneyard)

Source: Bestiary 6, pg(s). 98-99

Crypt dragons are the species of planar dragons native to the Boneyard.[1]


Crypt dragons have scales the colour of weathered bone, and a taut hide stretched painfully over its emaciated form.[1]


Crypt dragons emerge from nests of skulls and gravestones in the Boneyard, and afterwards make their way to the Inner Planes where they establish their lairs and personal realms. They patrol the Inner Planes, ever vigilant for transgressions against the dead or the passage of souls to the afterlife, and act as protectors of the dead, their possessions and their souls. If a particular souls gains special favor with the dragon watching over it, its warden may go as far as escorting it through the Astral Plane and representing it at Pharasma's court.[1][2]