Ether drake

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Ether drake
Type Dragon
CR 10
Environment Any

Source: Bestiary 5, pg(s). 99

Ether drakes are the strongest and least malicious species of drakes.[1]


Ether drakes measure 16 feet long from head to tail and weigh around 2,000 pounds. Their lower body has a glassy sheen, their upper body is covered in osteoderms and bone wings protrude from their back.[1]


Ether drakes once roamed the Ethereal Plane, feeding on the aether at the edges of the Elemental Planes. They later returned to the Material Plane for unknown reasons.[1]


Unlike other drakes, ether drakes are not evil and only prey on animals. When an intruder enters their territory, ether drakes create psychic mental links between each other to coordinate their defence.[1]


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