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Type Dragon
CR ¼
Environment Any warm
Adjective Pyrausta
Images of pyraustas

Source: Bestiary 5, pg(s). 200

Pyraustas, also called insect dragons and true dragonflies, are tiny dragons nine inches in length, with the legs, antennae and mandibles of a mantis and membranous, insect-like wings. They are intimately tied to the element of fire, and beating flames within their chests serve as their hearts. This makes pyraustas very vulnerable to cold, even that of the ambient temperature; and exposure to chill risks stopping their flickering hearts. As such, these diminutive dragons are highly dependent on sources of heat, both natural and magical, for their survival. While they normally have a lifespan comparable to a human's, few pyraustas live this long.[1]

Pyraustas can serve spellcasters as familiars. Doing so causes the pyrausta's heart to glow more steadily and less brightly, making them less vulnerable to cold.[2]

Elder pyraustas

Those pyraustas that live past their normally short lifespans become elder pyraustas, larger and more powerful creatures who serve as teachers, guardians and messengers for their younger, smaller kin.[1]


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