Mirage dragon

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Mirage dragon
Concept art of a mirage dragon

Source: Monster Core, pg(s). 121-123

Mirage dragons excel in the art of illusion magic, employing their abilities to manipulate and advance their personal goals. Alongside their mastery of magic, these dragons possess various traits to aid them in hunting or evading adversaries, including scales that provide camouflage and a breath attack capable of bewildering multiple foes simultaneously with hallucinations. Mirage dragons are characterized by their vanity and egotism, prioritizing their own interests above all else.1


Within the lair of a mirage dragon lies a collection of treasures befitting its draconic nature. However, unlike the hoards of other dragons, a mirage dragon meticulously polishes every coin, gem, and precious metal to achieve a gleaming mirror-like finish. These reflective items are strategically arranged throughout the lair, allowing the dragon to admire itself from every angle at any given moment. In addition to conventional riches, mirage dragons include mirrors in their hoards to indulge their narcissistic tendencies further. Typically, these dragons establish their lairs in natural settings, favoring environments that facilitate their camouflage. These lairs are often situated near lakes or other large bodies of water, which serve as natural mirrors, enhancing the dragon's illusions and self-reflection2

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