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Fortune dragon
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Source: Monster Core, pg(s). 116-119
Concept art of a fortune dragon.

Fortune dragons are arcane dragons who draw power from their surroundings, particularly the many valuable and powerful objects that adorn and adhere to their bodies.1

Appearance and abilities

Fortune dragons can inherently use surrounding magical energies to enhance their magical prowess, and even to heal their bodies. While their physical form resembles that of typical arcane dragons, their bodies are distinctly adorned with treasure. Due to their affinity for magic, coins, gemstones, and particularly magic items adhere to their bodies as if drawn by a magnetic force. Continuously drawing upon the magical energies of these items, fortune dragons use them to cast spells. The same magical energies that course through the dragon also permeate their attached items, and the process often generates enough heat to gradually melt and adhere them to the dragon's body.1


Fortune dragons are avid seekers of new experiences, driven by a desire for novelty. They approach individuals of other ancestries with curiosity, although their interest quickly fades if the visitors fail to captivate them with exciting qualities.1


The lair of a fortune dragon typically harbors a significantly larger hoard compared to those of other dragons. Within these hoards lie numerous seemingly mundane relics, objects, and armaments depleted of their magical essence, making the discovery of valuable treasures a challenging endeavor. Fortune dragons hold their rarest treasures in high regard, safeguarding them by burying them deep within their hoards or securing them directly onto their bodies for maximum protection. Should outsiders threaten their hoard, fortune dragons unleash their full wrath, defending their treasures vehemently regardless of the intruders' standing.2

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