Mist drake

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Mist drake

Cold or temperate coasts, hills, or marshes
Source: Bestiary 4, pg(s). 79

Mist drakes are a serpentine, gracile, stealthy species of drake.1


Mist drakes are narrow, serpentine, and less physically strong and imposing than other drakes. Their grayish scales and sprawling wings shift and fade, blending in with the mist. A typical mist drake is 13 feet long and rarely weighs more than 1,000 pounds.1


Mist drakes are less openly aggressive than other drakes, preferring quick strikes and hit-and-run tactics. On the other hand, they excel at stealth and can expel a burst of thick fog whenever they need a diversion or cover. Within the mist, they silently disperse foes and quickly pick off one of them before others can regroup and come to the rescue.1

Mist drakes mate only once every few decades and give birth to two to six eggs per clutch. Hatchlings stay with their mother for up to 20 years. Mist drakes live up to 200 years.1


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