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Type Dragon
CR 2
Environment Cold marshes
Adjective Nycar

Source: Bestiary 4, pg(s). 207

Nycars are diminutive distant cousins to linnorms.[1]


The nycar has a cruel-looking serpentine body, with two forearms and dangerous-looking fangs. An adult nycar is about 2–1/2 feet long, weighs about 12 pounds and can live up to 90 years. Nycar eggs are black and about the size of an adult human's fist.[1]


Nycars live in frigid, desolate moors and marshes where their cruel and savage activities often escape unnoticed. A nycar relishes the hunt and often stalks prey for hours before biting a single time, then retreats and watches its venom kill the prey. Nycars often kill wastefully, attacking creatures too large for them to eat. The opportunity to eat intelligent prey is rare, due to their forbidding habitat.[1]

A nycar keeps a small subterranean lair, often accessed from an underwater entrance. It hoards treasure, which mostly consists of trinkets and shiny baubles of little worth, but one may randomly discover a few valuable items. A nycar usually sets simple traps to protect its lair and hoard while it is away or sleeping.[1]

Nycars are jealous and usually hunt alone, although a couple may stay together until the female lays her eggs. A mother will feed and look after hatchlings for up to a year, so long as they remain in her territory.[1]


Nycars have been known to partner with intelligent creatures, provided they are offered easy kills and the occasional shiny bauble.[1]