Najra lizard

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Najra lizard

Source: Sixty Feet Under, pg(s). 83

Najra lizards are diminutive reptilian creatures and some of the smallest dragons on Golarion.1


Najra lizards resemble small dragons with speckled, brown and yellow scales. They lack wings, and move on four short legs instead.1


Najra lizards produce venom that causes afflicted creatures to experience an intense, unquenchable thirst. This venom can be spat from a distance of twenty feet.1

Ecology and society

Najra lizards lair alone or in mated pairs, but hunt in groups of up to two dozen. A group's lower-ranking members are sent after prey first, and target it with their thirst-inducing spit to drive it towards a watering hole where the rest of the swarm ambushes it. Najra swarms typically try to overwhelm their prey with numbers, but will also attempt to distract it through noise or by throwing small rocks to allow other swarm members to flee or to attack when the victim's attention is turned away.1

Najra lizards dislike being called "lizards" by humanoids, and refer to themselves with a term in Draconic that means "swarm dragon". Najra lizards share the draconic instinct to hoard gems and metals, which they store in caches near their sleeping areas. Arguments occasionally arise over ownership of these caches, which are one of the few causes of open violence within a pack.1

On Golarion

Najra lizards inhabit the Narhari Desert of Vudra.1


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